Friday, November 14, 2008

Johnny Rumble:
Things in my pockets

1) A set of car keys
2) A wallet
3) An ID wallet
4) A cell phone
5) A knife that is 4 inches long hilt to tip
6) A spare knife that is 3 inches long
7) A set of 3 throwing knife that are attached to my boots
8) A lighter
9) A spare lighter
10) A spare lighter in my belt buckle
11) A hip flask full of Scotch
12) A travel sewing kit with black thread
13) A Flash Drive
14) A Flash Drive Music Player
15) An Assortment of loose change
16) An assortment of safety pins

I used to watch MacGyver as a small child. All I need is a tube sock and a Richard Dean Anderson mask and I'd be set.

Jingle Jangle,

Johnny Rumble

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