Sunday, December 28, 2008

Johnny Rumble:
"Quitters arn't losers..."

"...we just have better shit to do than play your games."

I'm tired of the holidays. Christmas is gone, thank the fucking Church. Looking back, it was nothing but one massive argument about god damned cookies, and I'm fucking tired of that shit. Arguments and fighting that is. I could go for a cookie right now.

I was looking forward to New Years. Nice little party, some good Guinness, which I have been starved of this past month, and good times with good friends. That went out the fucking window today and on to the asphalt of Highway 99. Somewhere between Lodi and Sacramento. I did expect to denyed my requests for the New Year, but I wasn't expecting to be insulted by my OWN MOTHER.

Now I just want this fucking season done with so I can go back to school and bury my fucking skull in a text book.


Johnny Rumble


  1. there's a popular notion that punks are indifferent, or thick-skinned. i wonder what those people meant about "thick-skinned"