Thursday, January 15, 2009

Johnny Rumble:
It's A Retrospective, Introspective, Foward-Thinking Moment

My sanity is fucking gone. Out the window, down the toilet, swirling around the drain gone.

I'm acctually concidering going through POST. Just to say that I have it on my resume. No intention of even being a cop. Just doing it. To say that I did it.

I'd be backing that up with EMT and Firefighting training too.

I've seriously lost my fucking mind.

Fortunatly, at least some of the grey matter managed to stay between my ears. I sat out in the garage on the cold concrete just staring at my car for about an hour. It was on jack stands, the wheels off, and the inner fender tubs removed. All the little nasty bits and pieces exposed, naked, for all the car geeks to see. TOTO was on the workbench radio, blaring thier little electronic tinny hearts out. They sounded like shit.

I reached out with the toe of my boot and just barely nuzzled the rocker panel, withdrawing it quickly, like I would somehow wake up a fire breathing beast. I was giddy, my heart pumping blood like I'd just run three mile flat-out. She was sexy sitting there, restrained and nude. I played the pervert. "You're such a dirty girl. Maybe I'll wash that dirt off today."

I'm finally learning how to weld this semester. Just basic MIG welding. Something to use in the garage. I'd learn to TIG, but MIG is cheaper in the start up. And I'm broke. Books are fucking expensive.

"Eating words has never given me indigestion",

Johnny Rumble


  1. a writing cop? am trying to scan my memory if I'd been impressed with one. maybe, i'd be really impressed to read a piece from a cop. I hope I'd also laugh a lot. I like to laugh while reading a good piece... well usually, it doesn't have to be a good piece, but if it made me laugh, it becomes a good piece. seems you wont have problem on that part