Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Semester.

Hiya all. Sorry I've not been around much I've basically been nowhere really, exept in irc- and even that I'm not chatting nearly as much as I used to. But now that the semester is starting up and ya know back at school hopefully I can get some of my ideas down. So oddly enough I've started to go to mass again. I'm not too sure whats prompted this, but i do sort of get a sense of I don't know lets call it contenment- when I go and afterwords. At least till I get back to the dorm and erveryones running around.

So for Christmas I got clothes, and games. I got some really nice sharp looking clothes. Boots, shirts and a trench coat. From Mom I got the shirts and coat are from JCrew and they look really good. Dad got me games, boots and a sweater from Finegans in Azerbaijan which for strange factor is a nice sweater for wearing around the house. Oh and my ipod is being obsinate so I get to yet again rebuild my music library you'd think by now I'd back it up...Note to self: back up the damn music already :)


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