Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Johnny Rumble:
Where's My Gun

It is with great pleasure and some sort of infection that I would like to introduce Where's My Gun? Productions (<-clickable), a three man production team that uses the talents of myself and two of my friends.

Enough of the typical introduction bullshit. here (<-clickable) we are, we started making short "newsie" type clips for the colleges student newspaper, and founded our own way of getting things done in the mean time. More than likely, 80% of the video content uploaded has a more sanitized and masser markert appeal on the newspaper's channel, but we wanted our cuts of video to make it out there to. Better yet, we do have some independent productions coming down the pipeline, so keep an eye for those.

But, for now, one of the first videos that we did independently (<-clickable), highlighting your's truely...

Kemble's got a gun, Kemble's got a gun, it's time for us to run,

Johnny Rumble

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  1. haha- nice dude. Too long, but I liked it. The mohawk you had was sweet, sometimes I have one but it's shaved close, like a half-assed Mr. T.

    Who were you screaming at in the beginning?