Friday, April 17, 2009

Johnny Rumble:
the go-kart

i remember when i was still living in north carolina
it was summer, street construction was on going
my friend brought out his two seat go-kart
a lawnmower engine with no roll hoop, just in case we might die
i remember sitting on the right laughing and squinting into the wind
foxcroft was getting expanded and they had just grated the surface
we zipped up and down the dirt all afternoon
just laughing and acting like boys
wondering if the ellerslie trail was worth another pair of soggy shoes
i begged and prodded and bargined to make a turn of wheel
he got out and i slid over feeling the go pedal at my sole
just be real careful pop said only i'm supposed to drive
i smashed the gas and corrected the tail arcing out from behind me
the seat vibrated from the dirt beneath the tires
and the motor howled and roared and made lots of noise
the right foot came up and the left foot went down
a quick turn and a squeeze of gasoline
i felt like i was flying disconnected from everything in the world
he waved his arms yelling for me to stop
and hit the kill switch
why did you hit that jump
what jump
move over you're not driving anymore

I'm still flying that go-kart Brad,

Johnny Rumble

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