Sunday, May 10, 2009

Johnny Rumble:
Style Formats

I was asked a question about the MLA and APA style formats for papers:

Margins, titles, even where and how I format my name! Why all the rules governing how I am required to write my paper? Why do you think they are so picky about how your paper is formatted?
 This was my responce...

The rules are there to stifle creativity and individuality. The goal, it seems, of nearly all colleges and universitys is to turn it's students into more cogs of the same bland, boring, and homogenized machine of workplace despair. This is only perpetrated by lazy, and sometimes inept professers who only want to sit in their chairs of imaginative power and collect paychecks until they retire. Those who do, succeed. Those who cannot, teach. And this is where systems fail. Those who cannot, surely should not be allowed to teach, only because thier inherit failures will be passed on the next generation, creating a cycle of losers, whiners, and failures that will pass on thier knowledge to the following generations. I feel safe in the knowledge that the best teachers I have had all retired successful from thier chosen profession to pass on the information that they learned to a generation that desires to succeed and florish in society, not rot in the stench of inept failure.
Stay Free, Free Stay,

Johnny Rumble

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  1. and you wonder why they called it "creative" writing --- form over content --- flawed sublimity or perfect mediocrity