Monday, May 18, 2009

Everything's Gonna Be Alright Now...

So yeah, Hi All. /me waves to the loyal readers. Basically school while fun this spring semester was definitely a learning experience, hehe. Long story short, since we know I can ramble: made some new friends, realized some people used me as the verbal whipping boy(note that jokes at ones expense really sucks.) One of my friends is wicked funny and nice and while I am made fun of, I can tell they jest, others, I question whether the mockery is well sincere or if it is just sarcastic. So anyway we burned loads of cd's a while back and I have to say and I'm gonna get burned for this: A) I'm nearly ten years too late B) early Good Charlotte is actually way way kick ass. Yeah its not hardcore, but erm I like it, so the hell with it. Top four on every playlist right now( I do that, go through phases where certain songs will be on nearly every playlist, for a month or so, till something else goes ohh shiny, play those those look fun guy.(Undergrads refrence, watchd that finals weeks since I was done with my exams oh yeah that was way fun):
1. The Click- this as been noted by friends is nearly the story of my life, well the Travis just sits around all day and does nearly nothign but go to class and talk online
2. Waldorfworldwide- such a kickass party song and great to drive around too, nice chorus and all
3. Little Things- whats to be said, its the little things in life :)
4. East Coast Anthem-- I do live in DC metro area and all, and got called freak at quadfest- drunk morons, always fun to people watch.
5. Yeah it is...Number five: This isn't Good Charlotte, but I have to throw it out there, Spaz's House Destruction Party

I've also started going back to Mass more. When I could get a ride I'd go at least twice a week not counting Sundays. Oddly though when home now I just go once during the week and sunday, since I really only went on Monday at the end of the semester. I haven't decided if I want to go to Mass at the church, or the CCM chapel at GMU, which seems slightly more friendly. I'm not sure what it is about the parish church, which is still close(ten minute drive) but I just don't like going. If only the CCM chapel had weekday Mass too.

Anyway so I've been writing in a journal and keeping a notebook around me. Whats the difference Travis you ask? Good question, the first is for me and only me while the other is mainly notes, grocery lists and things of that ilk. However it also has some important stuff, generally how I feel and what not, maybe thoughts jotted down while I walk, which while it gets told to people they are not in such a well, raw form. And the Pictures are of what, 3 weeks ago now, my hair is shorter, so I can try to get a job, but other then that, its about the same, I've just got into wearing whatever, shirt, t shirt, or plain shirt really whatever I pull out that day, I just don't care any more, if its this and not that shirt. So yeah make of that what you will.


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  1. me thinks ue wayyy more than a coulpe of years off... & btw, lest we forget who got you into the old gc & undergrads & all... umm, can we say me?? why yes, yes we can. along with jhonen vasquez & such i might add. damn, ive gotten you into a lot of stuff havent i?? LoLz!! ill talk to you later travis... i look forward to those nofx, less than jake, etc. cds. until then, xXx[[RaGDoLL]]xXx _|355'/

    LoLz!! had to do my name like that, btw, while ur at the whole stealing my hobbies & all, check out its billy martin of gc's art page, etc. he also has a clothingline with its own page but of course you know of the clothes because thats basically all i wear. the url is tho i think that they have thrown online in there somewhere now but w/e. ou can still find it. LoLz!! ttul gimpy, hahaha!!