Saturday, July 25, 2009

Johnny Rumble:
simpler days, Complex Nights

i remember 5 years ago when the days were simpler the night longer and the cash flow more positive than it will be in the next 5 years, there was a busted 1987 volkswagen golf gl it was light blue a manual the radio was shit and could never remember the presets

it also didn't have a front end from when it hit a brick mailbox

i remember before i left, that we would on any given night would just go out and cruise the town cruise between the cities and travel where ever we wanted we were the kings of our own domain blessed with the gas money to take us to tulsa or oklahoma city or bricktown we would just hit the road windows down listening to 94.7 him chugging coca-cola me with my mountain dew  we loved it

there was nothing that could have made those night better nothing

I've lost touch with the cruising mentality over the years.  I've forgotten that it dosen't matter what car you're in, what music you're listening to, or where the gas gauge is pointing.  The point is and always was to just get out and go anywhere.  To pick a direction, set the cruise control and jam.  I've forgotten what the radio was like.  Switching to another station to avoid commercials or that one song that nobody wants to listen to.  I've forgotten the deep converstions and the trival debates about the merits of House versus Drum and Bass.

Just over the past few weeks, I've been finding myself thinking, "Damn, if this was only a better car" or "I wish I had more gas and money."  None of that matters.

i remember we used to go until we just couldn't any more i remember we ran out of gas a few times

Now I'm just so worried about what is wrong, or what could go wrong, that it's not the freedom that it used to be.

You'll find me out, trying to recapture the magic, and cruising until the needle hits E.

Johnny Rumble

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  1. Please let me quote, just the perfect one for me right now... "The point is and always was to just get out and go anywhere."