Saturday, September 26, 2009

So Long time No See Folks.

Hiya all. Nope I didn't disappear, I've just been rather busy actually doing stuff. For a change I went places the spring semester(yep I left the room for a reason besides class) shocking I know. Then during summer holiday I went to see Rancid play in Baltimore, that was really one of the most amazing things ever so far(if it stays that way my life will have been boring). To see the band and hear music that has influenced me and on some level been inspirational was just phenomenal. Top it off I made new friends and finally got around to really putting in effort in to not sing and act like such a spaz.

I have good days and bad days. I'm even making serious attempts at the swearing, because who wants to be around someone with a potty mouth all the time. :snide comment here: Along with this whole self improvement, I've been working out, not much but running down mainstreet at school and then consciously eating healthy foods. Granted this tends to be a banana with breakfast, and one cup of coffee. Two sugars and a little milk. Been listening to lots of new music too. Stuff that I would have passed on picking out myself but out of politeness gave it a listen... Granted I'm probably a decade too late: Good Charlotte(chiefly first two albums and some of the later recent songs) and New Found Glory..not sure what album I have by them but it is pretty cool. Actually as I write this, Blink-182 just came on, so yeah add them to the list. So I guess its a bit old school pop-punk recently mixed in with AFI and your Rancid, Offspring etc.

Been Going to Mass a lot and I rather think I'd like to get confirmed, so am currently exploring that process. FYI I still dislike the praise and worship music: I went on the CCM (catholic campus ministries) retreat and had fun, learned a lot yeah but the music...gah was all I could do to not pull the ipod out and put any of the three covers of amazing grace or other Flatfoot 56 songs... It's not that I don't like the lyrics or such, far from it some of them are rather cool and nifty. The thing that annoys me is the arrangement, its slower and mellow. There was one song played that was really more my type of stuff till the singer started singing- it went mellower then and picked back up...if had stayed upbeat the entire time, well surely there must be more 'Jesus music' out there that a punk kid could get into?

Speaking of 'Jesus music' Any thoughts on these for going to Mass playlist, all of these songs remind me some way why I bother going to Mass or evening prayer.
Weigh On My Mind- Transplants(off of Transplants
Hold on- GC(off The Young and the Hopeless)
Movin' On- GC(off The Young and the Hopeless)
Purgatory- The Tossers(off of Purgatory)
When The Angels Sing- Social D(off of White Light, White Heat...

So with that in mind here is something I wrote during the retreat, while I should have been singing along... Just couldn't get into it... I did try though.

Friendship's parallel
Feeling lost amongst this crowd
lacking my musical comfort zone
ears slowly bleeding from this 'noise'
That brief instant
Sitting here I know it was worth it
Opening my mind
Don't know what I'm gonna find



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