Thursday, November 12, 2009

Johnny Rumble:

She sat there, her eyeliner and mascara were smeared from her tears, a cup of coffee in her hand. She looked weathered, old, even though she was only 32. The years had taken their toll, and her children were taken away by the state.

"Hello. My name is Bill..."

His story was interesting. Lost a daughter and two grandchildren. That was where it had started. His wife had left him, and had gotten fired from his union job as a crane operator. He wanted to get better. Thats why he was here.

"Hello. My name is Joan..."

She had been clean for three weeks. She had gotten a job, a new apartment and had tried to call her son. This life style, she said, it really messed her up. Lost everything she ever loved.

"Hello. My name is Bob..."

"Hello. My name is Jim..."

"Hello. My name is Christine..."

And so the circle went around and around. It was the same stories, the same people, the same problem. Everybody had lost something, everybody had tried to gain something back. A return to normalcy.

"Hello. My name is Johnny. I am an alcoholic."

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