Saturday, February 27, 2010

More stuff from EWC

Acceptance, Fears of rejection
When will I learn? 1 step forward, now h how many back?
This forest well where are the trees?
Categorically mold myself
Yet not just one label fits

Here's something scribbled down during group discussion:
Arose from discussion of things that sort of drag us, and that we don't like nor ever seem to speak about.

The rope is cut, you've burned the bridges
every effort's made before it breaks again
Bringing us closer, better than riches.
Constantly leaning on other,
We never measure up
just humble levers.

This was supposed to be some sort of contrast using colors, I have no idea where this came about, I think someone at the table had mentioned colors for some reason.

Darkest night followed by brightest day
Show me some shade of grey
Adrift in a clear sea, with depths visible
The land's so hazy just out of reach.
Fingers stretching for a life preserver that rocks in the swell.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

EWC #2

Zombie automaton
Praying it ends

They say have faith
They say be strong
I'm asking how?

Wake up from this exile
Many a trial
Fear gripping wrong
We let it go, the seeds are sown
Wonder & Amazement
Complicate of Life
Concepts change
The perceptions been degrading
Feeling guilty for time lost
for somethings I can never make up.
Trying not to think, this amazement that I feel.
Well I'm telling you this never seems so real.

They say have faith
They say be strong
I'm asking how?

Where I'm going I won't know
Paralyzed by fear indecision hurts
But this new day, I'ts gonna be alright-
I've found a friend, my heart will mend.
I've learned so much yet feel so little
By the Grace of God.... It's gonna be alright.

EWC verse part 1

So I went on EWC retreat, which means Encounter with Christ. I went because I am getting confirmed. Turned out to be an amazing time and sort of learned a fair amount too. Wether I rmeember any of it, well we shall see. We fit thirteen people into a minni cooper in the parking lot because we could. Didn't go anywhewre but that is not the point. We all in our own ways had lots of funs and have made friends. so without further ado:

my chains I'ill break one dayturn around
it's a slippery slope I've found.disguise myself, p...unch the mirror
sarcastic cynism masks insecurities
procrastination and motivation two sides of a coin.

rock bottom You've scraped the barrel
It's insidious sin, your chaining yourself down.
adding links day by day, motivaton lacking

Johnny Rumble:
Lost Businesses

It's always interesting walking into a business that has the self-knowledge that is will be tits up in just a few short weeks.  The people look a little desperate, and there is always that weird sort of vibe wafting from the back areas, parts unknown to the common customer.  They will smile, they will laugh at your stupid jokes, and they will treat you like you really are the millionth coustomer they had today, but with special attention and privilages.

The owners and the staff that have stayed behind on the sinking ship are hoping and praying that thing will get better, that the customers will come and the street corners and sidewalks are just that little bit further from their nicely swept patio.  If you look carefully enough, you can seem that glimmer of hope behind thier retinas.  You are the prophet, they the saved.

It's always interesting walking on to a campus that will, for the most part, be vacant and barren in a few short months.  Eighty-three years of history and education, wrapped up and sold off to the highest bidder to clear as much of the debt as possible.  The teachers try to be as bright and cheery as they can, knowing they their pink-slips are sitting in their mailboxes, signed by the board members they trusted to protect. 

The students, for their part, are mostly oblivious, or worse, silent.  The few that are vocal, trying to moblize, attempting to save the college, are just that, too few.  Board members are lining their coat pockets with the quarter of a million dollars per year that is being paid to them to do the jobs that they refuse to actually do.

Nobody is able to stop the barking dog on the other side of the fence, clawing and digging, getting into your yellow grass backyard, wanting to bite you on the ankle.

Swimming rat,

Johnny Rumble

Friday, February 19, 2010

Johnny Rumble:

It's a delight having to switch mindsets in the automotive world.  By delight, I mean an annoyance.  Ever since I've been into cars, I've always thought about how to make them go faster.  From the age of six, when I would pretend to strap rocket motors to my Hot Wheels, to age 22, when I know a Spoon crankcase girdle would allow me to spin a B18C5 all the way up to 10,000 rpm with little extra modification.

How far gearheads come.

But right now I'm switching mindsets again, for nearly the hundrenth time (note: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6).  I used to be all about trucks, with big fucking wagon wheels on them, frames on the ground.  Then it was small little four cylinder compacts flitting about the racetrack and the street.  Then rat-rods.  Back to four-cylinders, but with four-doors for Touring car racing.  Now I'm thinking about rally wagons.  From '03 GMC Serrias, to '96 Saturn SL2's, to '32 Ford B's, to '95 Honda Civics, and now 1998 Subaru Foresters.

When I was doing my research on Saturns for hop-ups, I didn't find a whole lot.  I had to dig deep.  Real deep.  Ideas, parts, anything, did not come easily or readily.  But what I found was staggering.  Unfortunatly, in my search for Saturn porn, the rest of the industry started to drop off my radar.  I got target fixated.  Now, with my focus shifting due to the desire for a new-to-me car, I'm looking at buying the afore mentioned Forester.

Plying my wants on Autotrader, hitting the Forester forums, looking at what other people have built in the many years the SF5 platform has been on the market (especially the Angry Toaster build), and trying to figure out what will fit where, and how the Impreza STI parts fit into the Forester.  But all those parts and modifications are getting out of the way of what I really will need to do to this, my other lover.

I need will need her to take me through the snow.  Quickly and cheaply.  It's looking more and more like I will end up snow bound and drifted in Marquette, Michigan come August.  And the snow up there gets deep.  This is a problem.  The last time I drove in snow with any sort of regularity was when I was making frequent winter trips to the Thumb area.  That was four years ago.  I was tame then.  Now I'm a hooligan.  Tail-out and slide happy.

This SF5 is going to quickly re-sprayed a Krylon blue and have various small bits and pieces painted bright flouresent orange for easy sight.  The bumpers and front fenders will be attached with zipties, so that when I do hit the inevitable snowbank, they don't get too damaged.  This toaster will not be a looker.  But it will be a driver.  With snow tires and gravel suspension, I'll have an easier time getting around the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Piece de resistance?  The plaid panda bear buckled in the rear center.  I'm looking foward to this.

Hitting trees,

Johnny Rumble

Monday, February 15, 2010

And Now For Something Completely The Same:

So what else well the other day I said I've been writing and I have. Quite a bit really but it is not what i would call substantial. well not in that there is a plot. There is no real plot, however there is probably themes running through all these that can be debated but since I don't even know anyone gives a shit, or reads it, well it doesn't matter does it? Really though, for a while now I just have been carrying either a pen and paper around with me everywhere I go, or barring that my iPhone, it has a wonderful note feature that works wonders. I'll just put up a couple small things now, and the longer things will go up after I get back from EWC this weekend. I have no idea if any of it is decent, it probably sucks or could at least become less horrible if polished up and as I see stuff I change it but for the most part it is put down here as it was written however many months ago. I think I will start noting the date when I add something since the note feature just updates to the date you added it, not when something specific occurs.
*Note the dashed lines means the end of something*

Behavior gives an impression
here in the spotlight
I say its not attention
Self-esteem again
where do I belong?
self doubt again
what I don't have
I'm fearing the most
This fragile thing
I have hope
I may never find it
why take the risk?
When everyone says run.
Self esteem, self doubt
Cannot be the same
I feel secure enough
And now I try not to care
Whats in my mind
Frothing in it's confusion
This river of jumbled thoughts
Meanders through my brain
The course it carves is ever changing.
What will it leave behind
Do I want it exposed
I don't know what to do
Tedium and boredom punctuate my days
Their voices cutting through the fog.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Johnny Rumble:
Four Years

I can't believe that it's been four years since I started this place.  Honestly, I thought I would have run completely out of material to write about, expirences to share, and thoughts to type.  Shit, I used to look at HTML code and think it's a bunch of geek-noid gibberish.  Now, I is a fluent speaker in g33k-n01d.


It's been a fun four years though.  Three moves (soon to be four), two different coasts of the United States, four different girlfriend expirences, uncounted numbers of projects, and a heap load of trouble along the way.  But strangely, only one ticket.  For speeding.  Go figure.

Right now I'm listening to somebody putting the Airman's Creed to some thrash metal music.  Courtesy of AF Blues.  Thanks Farva!  I've been thinking more and more about joining the military.  It's the only life I've ever known, and I'm not exacrtly sure I can survive in the civilian sector with flourish.  Anyway...

It's been a great four years, and I hope to be around for another four (hopefully more) years.

Happy Massacre Day,

Johnny Rumble

Saturday, February 06, 2010


So the pictures, one is me after Mass, and the other is from this summer during the trip into the city with a friend. Doing the tourist thing was fun and we ended up getting lost, for an hour or so. Note: don't miss your metro stop next time. Otherwise it was a fun day out into our nations capital.


Now Here This

Yo so I realize well that I have been negligent in posting anything but I am still here. Actually got a lot of freeverse and what not written down so I will put that up and some pictures if thats alright. And today Hull beat Man City so the weekend was good. And I miss my brother oh yeah lots to update on that front: I am an older brother)


Johnny Rumble:

Things are starting to fall into place.  I've been accepted to a few Universities out east, with the fall semester scheduled to to start in August of this year, I will soon be getting out of California.  Just like I always wanted.

This frightens me to a small degree.  I have eeked out a small living here in NorCal, and starting all over, while I'm dreadfully used to it, still is a daunting task.  I, and I mean we, as my girlfriend will be joining me, God willing, have to start scrimping and saving every single penny I can muster to make the move.  Not to mention, depending on the latidute, I think I will be saying goodbye to my Saturn and picking up a Subaru to drive.  All Wheel Drive, boxer-four, turbocharged, such a godsend, such a problem.

More on this as new develops,

Johnny Rumble

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Johnny Rumble:
New Leather

After years of searching and looking and hoping and more searching I finally landed my next project...

Leather Bomber Jacket from Leather Works in Old Sacramento.  It's remnant patchwork leather, but for $20, who cares?  Much love and hate to my girlfriend for talking me into this.

I said hate, yes.  After so many years of dreaming and thinking about how to do this jacket, and with all my hot-button issue ideas null and void.  The Tank Girl idea is kind of a dead idea as well.  I'm looking into hot-rod/rat-rod style artwork and punk rock pin up girls.  Could also go with a visual tribute to the J'sF's-verse... (which I have been re-vising slowly.  I know that I'm done writing new portions.)  It's a "we'll see" kinda thing.  I got thirty days to figure something out before I can no longer return or exchange the damn thing.

Paint Fume High,

Johnny Rumble