Thursday, February 04, 2010

Johnny Rumble:
New Leather

After years of searching and looking and hoping and more searching I finally landed my next project...

Leather Bomber Jacket from Leather Works in Old Sacramento.  It's remnant patchwork leather, but for $20, who cares?  Much love and hate to my girlfriend for talking me into this.

I said hate, yes.  After so many years of dreaming and thinking about how to do this jacket, and with all my hot-button issue ideas null and void.  The Tank Girl idea is kind of a dead idea as well.  I'm looking into hot-rod/rat-rod style artwork and punk rock pin up girls.  Could also go with a visual tribute to the J'sF's-verse... (which I have been re-vising slowly.  I know that I'm done writing new portions.)  It's a "we'll see" kinda thing.  I got thirty days to figure something out before I can no longer return or exchange the damn thing.

Paint Fume High,

Johnny Rumble

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