Thursday, February 25, 2010

EWC verse part 1

So I went on EWC retreat, which means Encounter with Christ. I went because I am getting confirmed. Turned out to be an amazing time and sort of learned a fair amount too. Wether I rmeember any of it, well we shall see. We fit thirteen people into a minni cooper in the parking lot because we could. Didn't go anywhewre but that is not the point. We all in our own ways had lots of funs and have made friends. so without further ado:

my chains I'ill break one dayturn around
it's a slippery slope I've found.disguise myself, p...unch the mirror
sarcastic cynism masks insecurities
procrastination and motivation two sides of a coin.

rock bottom You've scraped the barrel
It's insidious sin, your chaining yourself down.
adding links day by day, motivaton lacking

1 comment:

  1. if you can find a solid center with God you can break the cycle.