Saturday, February 27, 2010

More stuff from EWC

Acceptance, Fears of rejection
When will I learn? 1 step forward, now h how many back?
This forest well where are the trees?
Categorically mold myself
Yet not just one label fits

Here's something scribbled down during group discussion:
Arose from discussion of things that sort of drag us, and that we don't like nor ever seem to speak about.

The rope is cut, you've burned the bridges
every effort's made before it breaks again
Bringing us closer, better than riches.
Constantly leaning on other,
We never measure up
just humble levers.

This was supposed to be some sort of contrast using colors, I have no idea where this came about, I think someone at the table had mentioned colors for some reason.

Darkest night followed by brightest day
Show me some shade of grey
Adrift in a clear sea, with depths visible
The land's so hazy just out of reach.
Fingers stretching for a life preserver that rocks in the swell.

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