Sunday, March 14, 2010

Johnny Rumble:
The Fall

It's finished.  After nearly, what, four years of working on it, I'm calling it done.  Finito.  I'm going to move on with the rest of Johnny-verse.

"Jonathan Lewis, stand and hear the verdict." I stood and waited. "It is the verdict of this court," The judge paused. Dramatic fucking effect, I thought to myself. "On the charge of academic misconduct..." Another pause. I wanted to scream out, Just read it you twat! I bit my tongue instead. "Guilty. The sentence of immediate expulsion carries. This tribunal is finished." The gavel rapped and in a swirl of tacky black cloth, the University judge left the room.

So that was that. My college career was over. Fortunately for me, the District Attorney had dropped charges due to lack of evidence. But that didn’t stop the President from trying his hand at justice. One guilty verdict and I was kicked out of the University of Mary Washington. Out of every university for that matter. Nobody was going to accept an expelled Eagle-head. That thought alone made me want to find the cardboard in a case of beer. I shuffled out of the courtroom and into the early morning sunlight. Stopping and lifting my head skyward, I felt the summer breeze on my face.

Fuck, now I want to get really plastered. Placing one booted foot in front of the other, I started back to my dorm. I had to figure out what to do now. This is great. I have no real job, hell, no job anymore, just about three months worth of cash, and I somehow have to break the news to my parents. Brilliant. I passed the cafeteria, and let my nose do a little detective work. Somebody burned another roast. Yuck. I looked at Arrington Hall across the courtyard and sighed heavily. Yanking open the door to the lobby, I walked over to the elevators and punched the button. The polished doors slid open nearly noiselessly, and I walked in. "Yeah, what would my parents say about me getting kicked out?" speaking into thin air, "Probably disown me or tell me to join the army. Fuck." I spit on the elevator floor and settled into the corner, thumbs hooked in the belt loops, waiting for the doors to close. I got lost in my thoughts.

Or at least I would have, if not for her.

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With Regards,

Johnny Rumble

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