Thursday, April 15, 2010

Johnny Rumble:
Joining the Past and Future

Life is working out, shit is getting done, and things are getting written.

After spending umpteen hours and four years at Yuba College, I'm getting out and transfering.  I was lucky enough to get accepted to enough universites that I can make a choice, although I'm right now focusing on one like a laser designator.  The Johnny Bomb will more than likely be dropped on that campus.

After spending more days, weeks, months, and years (over four and half of them) living in California, that chapter of my life will gracefully be coming to a close in August.  It's kind of scary how many people have gotten to know or know-of me in this city.  And that will probably be the case in my new home as well, only helped by the fact that I already know many people that live there.  But, as will be the case, this town will miss me more than I will miss it.  I wonder how often I will think back on my time here.

I've finally got my epic Johnny's Folly written and done, and am now focusing on all the side stories that I can tell from it, from the past and future.  The universe is fleshing out quite nicely, and the stories that I wanted to tell are getting told.  Look for a short story of Sadie post-relationship soon.  I'm also going to be picking up my Gospel again and writing more of it.

Oklahoma, where Johnny comes speeding down the lane,

Johnny Rumble

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