Friday, April 16, 2010

Johnny Rumble:

I often wonder how often other people think back to the people in thier past.  Often?  Sometimes?  Not at all?  Personally, I do it all the time.  I'm always wondering how the people that occupyed my past have ended up in thier struggles.  People like Spencer, Ian, Brad, Clifton, Daniel, and all the others I've lost touch with over the years.

I tend to remember the little things about them.  The seemingly insignificant that just made a huge impression on me.  Like Spencers faith, how he would always pray and bless each meal he ate.  Or how we would talk about religion and Christianity.  And Clifton's severe ADHD, and how he was always managing to get into trouble.  I honestly don't think the kid could sit and meditate for more than two minutes at a time.

Ian and Brad I think about at least once a day, if only because they probably had the biggest impacts on my life.  Both of them seemed larger than life, able to do it all, I always looked at them like some sort demi-gods, heros to the common child.  I've written about both of them, the memories that we shared as young children and old upstarts.

But I've always wondered... do they think their old friends as much I think of them?

Johnny Rumble


  1. I think of you. Oh chels got married.

  2. Yeah I'm missing California. Thats where my friends are. Oh....and Jamba Juice. They have shit out here.

    Allergies, ugh, no rash. Just feels like my head is going to explode from all the sneezing. Heard you were getting out of there. You going back to Michigan?

  3. I bet you are really happy to be going back to Oklahoma