Sunday, May 23, 2010

Johnny Rumble:

It's amazing how fast time seems to fly when I'm not paying attention.  Really, it only seems like yesterday that I started at Yuba College.  Now I'm done and through and never to (thankfully) return.  Not that I've hated my time here.  Not that I regret the things I've learned.  It's just I feel, well, cheated.

I've loved nearly all my professors and teachers.  They are all great people, and I learned whole tons of potentially useful and useless information from them.  But these last two years, with political, social and budgetary drama, I wonder if those teachers weren't constantly looking over thier shoulders, waiting for the pink-slips to land in thier mail-boxes, distracted by the thought of looking for other work.

I'm wondering if my time at Yuba College has left me hard and callous to the issues that other students after me will be facing.  The lack of classes, or teachers, or resources.  A Board of Trustees that rapes and pillages the campus without thought of the people they have left in thier wake.  Overpaid chancellors and a vice-chancellor that has been accused commiting federal offences.

I look at my diploma, I see the names that signed it, and instead of that small sense of pride that I should be feeling in my heart, I feel a sucking hollowness.  And perhaps that tells me all I need to know about the last four years of my academic life.

From the land of spoiled milk and crystalized honey,

Johnny Rumble

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