Saturday, August 07, 2010

Johnny Rumble:

My Dearest Love,

I hope this letter find you in high spirits.  It has been raining here for two weeks, and there is little sunshine in sight.  I can only dream of the sunny days and fair weather back home.  The war wages on, unstopped, the bombs and the shells sending the fields flying high in the air.  I saw a couple of aeroplanes fighting above our lines, and it was a wonderful display of manouvering and diving.  It had thinking of the ballroom where we sued to dance.  Our steps echoing off the walls and the violins sending out that mournful tone.  God, I miss you dreadfully.  Your touch and your lips against mine.  Your soft skin.  I hope that I might survive this war, so that I might embrace you and kiss you.  I must go now, the Major says it's nearly time to go over the top.

With all my love, and a hope of a return letter,


Johnny Rumble

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