Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Runaways

Sitting in Cancun I started to watch The Runaways on my iPod. I've already bought the dvd and picked it up again on iTunes to watch on the plane(thank you gift cards). I first watched the movie before work the other week and was not familiar at all with the subject, besides maybe hearing Bad Reputation on the radio. So that's what one song out of how many?I O I didn't know what to make of the movie intially since to be honest I was not looking forward to Kristen Stewart since I had to sit through twlighit last summer with my step mom(fun laughs though). Turns out that while it might not be Casablanca, its definitely more watchable then Twilight. So Mike was talking about the movie but it didn't get a wide release, and I missed it at school, so I wanted to see the movie, and after watching it, I was impressed. It is a pretty kick ass movie. I liked to so much I went out and got it the next day. Think SLC Punk! but better made overall.

I mean I've seen better movies this year(Inception) and funnier (The Other Guys) this resonated with me, for whatever reason. So I spend the next couple of days trolling youtube looking up Joan Jett and Runaways vids and what not. Gotta say while its not really my thing musically, it is closer then some of the classic rock stuff, and did find a couple of good songs that were rad. I am getting ahead of myself though. While the movie is called The Runaways its really about Cherie Currie and Joan Jett. It condenses some of the time and what not but the pace is good and it doesn't drag on too long at all, since it ends with the break up of the band. Not being alive in the 70's I cannot speak for how everything looked but the film is visually cool, and the soundtrack is totally awesome. Disclaimer: very little punk rock in it at all, and yes I still like it. Its got a few punk songs, some glam and what not, overall I guess representing what they themselves listened too.

In addition to the movie there is also the commentary by the two lead actresses and Joan Jett. FYI so Stewart plays Jett and Dakota Fanning plays Currie and both do rather well, I mean this isn't like a drama its a biopic about a rock band, so not too sure how much actual emoting one would necessarily need, but I think personally its a good job. Highlight for me was hearing some of the glam songs that I'd heard mentioned and read about prior to the punk scene but up to this point had never heard before. Still not keen on David Bowie but I can appreciate how one can chill out, at least the two songs in the movie soundtrack, along with some Don McLean song(yeah same guy who did American Pie that ten minute number. the best song I thought, and remember I'd not heard this before was at the end of the movie: Crimson and Clover. Yes I get the Joan Jett version is a cover, but its still so awesome.

The credits also had Love is Pain, which I thought sounded really awesome. I mean I had that in my head for the next like four hours at work. Went to myself I gotta go find a cd or something. So off I went to the mall and picked up the only Joan Jett (or Runaways) CD Hot Topic had: some greatest hits comp that is two discs released to coincide with the movie. Again I found some pretty sick songs: Victim of Circumstance with the verse about being told you can't sing (mind you I can't) but it is still cool. and the second disc had a song called Fake Friends which I went holy shit as I heard it and restarted it, to read the lyrics. Song seemed to sum up the last year and half of dorm living. New favorite song though what the hell that says about me, I don't know.

Going back to the visuals in the movie for a minute, I have to sort of laugh at the platform shoes because nowadays that looks quite crazy, though you do see them occasionally. But the thing I find interesting is in the scenes in the clubs and elsewhere that shows them all dressed up (ie for going out and what not) I find that I think that sort of stuff cool, the scene outside the trailer with Fanning's Currie dressed in a yellow scarf sort of thing around her neck looks rad, and we all know leather jacket = badass, duh. But I mean I can see more how the punk fashion comes from glam in aspects, the ostentatiousness(Currie's lightening bolt taken from Bowie for example.) Though I am rather more mainstream most of the time, I can admit that a part of me really thinks the whole bright colors and outfits and putting together a wardrobe just seems awesome and just really fucking cool. Even if I could never A) do it myself B) pull the look off, any of that sort of stuff. I think my red blazer is the closest I get, and that thing is my favorite article of clothing. Honestly, I realize my parents, and especially sister do not like it, but personally I love it, its just not that warm nor goes with any other clothes I have (would lavender, or bright blue go with red?)


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