Monday, October 25, 2010

Johnny Rumble:

I get so tired of never having any energy anymore.  College and working a fast oil change place take it all out of me.  Yes, I AM FUCKING WHINING.  We're all entiled to do a little bit every now and then.  But this really sucks because my writing is suffering, this place is suffering (waaaay overdue for a template update), and because of all of this, my inner self-worth is suffering.

I cracked about a week ago.  Suicide actually didn't make me feel sad or happy.  It was just... okay.  I cryed my tear ducts dry while laughing manicially.  I needed help, so I did what every broke-ass motherfucker does and drank myself into obilivion.  I had a revelation of sorts...


I write what I write, the way I write, not because it makes my teachers happy, but because that's the way I do it.  And it's not going to chance on thier whims.
I make booze not because it makes the people who drink it gag on thier tonsils, but because it's blend of C18H27NO3 and C2H6O makes my β-endorphins go wild in my nerves.

I constantly forget that I am who I am, and will not change for anybody.  Take me or leave me, I AIN'T FUCKING CHANGING.


Johnny Rumble

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stuff That's In My Head.

Hello Loyal Readers(at least one person)
Having so many questions,
Now I'm fearing the answers.
So I built a tower and with emotions well guarded.
I've entered your world and with each step, confusion grows.
Since now I've been found out: my barricade rusted away
As the indifference grew unopposed while I stepped on toes.

Something relating to our weekly bible study meetings,and whatever passages we were reading; having honestly forgotten them I won't try to list any, except Sirach, but what part I don't know. Either its straight from the bible with a line or something in the line sparked my interest and I ran with it while listening to the discussions. The following was written down in mid meeting on the computer:
Naked reconciliation you stole the apple of friendship forever cut off.
{Wisdom's scrutiny} in the absence of love.
Without common sense and poor advice, you've shot the dove.
Your chosen friends hesitate when they're dreams mean nothing when vicious talk betrays your secrets

So the next one being about the way to hell, or purgatory being broad and easy to navigate(ie well lit it says I think)
Damned yourself by backing away. You've slipped and fell. Blithely cavorting down the broad road. Now you've led yourself astray with immenent destruction. Come back they call to taunt you again whenever your alone.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Trav: Character Sketch 1

Hey All, so whats up? FYI if anyone actually gives a shit, I got myself a twitter, so I can at least think I'm important in my own mind. But what is new: well I'm not gonna graduate in the spring, instead its pushed back at semester, so now I'm gonna leave in the Summer WOOT. Yeah Dude summer, which means less time to find a job and all but hey who said life's perfect? So I realized that this semester has left me negligent in posting, but really how many actually read this, maybe respond on twitter or via a comment here? Just to let us know if we actually get any visitors. So for fiction class we've had to write just a simple couple of assignments to start off, and I think its not too bad, certainly I think it has potential for more and I've had a couple of ideas swirling around in my head since I handed it in this afternoon, so I figure that's a good sign right? RIght?So here we go:

The harsh sunlight beat past the bedroom’s blinds. The figure on the bed lay covered in sheets. Curled up in the fetal position they lazily pulled the top of the sheets over their head. Trying to fight off the growing sense of alertness the alarm’s droning buzz sounded. a new day of suck awaited after toggling the alarm off and padding into the bathroom.
Squinting as the light came on Kay gave herself a once over in the
mirror as she brushed her teeth. She gave herself the most cursory floss and ran the shower. Kay was not overtly concerned with feminine things like make up and so a shower was about five minutes even when she washed her hair. Grabbing hair goop by the sink she worked a bit of it into her hair, twisting the ends into spikes.
Once she dressed she went over to little Miriam to wake her up. Waking up Miriam was never exactly the same, some mornings the little one would already be up and walking around in circles trying to open the drawers and other times would still be out like a rock and a dreadful wailing sounded upon wake up. How dare the princess sleep be disturbed over a mere car ride. Kay fixed breakfast for Miriam and collected her work stuff. Fixed breakfast was stretching it she thought, I’m peeling open a pop-tart and pouring a glass of OJ, soon enough she’ll be doing this without me. “Honey would you be willing to try the clock again, there’s types that you can wake up to your favorite songs, that would be fun wouldn’t it?”
Miriam picked at her food, thinking. “Maybe Mom, but are you sure it doesn’t squawk or make that really loud train noise?” The two got into Kay’s car and set off for work.

Across town Kurt had arrived at his new job and took a moment to take in the scenery. What little color there was was faded on the wall with the sides bare bricks and mortor. The rear door was though a narrow choke point between one end of the compound and a larger much older building. He had had to maneuver so carefully to avoid denting his frame but since he was early he had his choice of parking spaces. It’s gonna get annoying if each owner and their gaggle of employees parks back here. Why did she say I had to park back here again anyway? As he thought about the parking as he unlocked the door chains and let himself into the club.
The ‘First Stone” was a hole in the wall alright. It made no pretensions of any other snobbery. The woman who ran the place seemed nice enough and had mentioned she’d be bringing her kid by most mornings to keep up her schooling. He’d been told he wouldn’t have to watch or keep the brat entertained but he’d keep a wary eye out for little toes. Kurt got the place ready, wiping down the counter and setting out all the bottles while he waited for Kay to show up and further explain his duties. Presumably tonight’s scheduled band would roll in and do sound check and at some point patrons would arrive and he’d be behind the bar for the rest of the night. Well so long as he doesn’t have to deal with the brat or crack another bottle over a drunk again, it’ll be a rocking night.

There we have it: Woot