Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stuff That's In My Head.

Hello Loyal Readers(at least one person)
Having so many questions,
Now I'm fearing the answers.
So I built a tower and with emotions well guarded.
I've entered your world and with each step, confusion grows.
Since now I've been found out: my barricade rusted away
As the indifference grew unopposed while I stepped on toes.

Something relating to our weekly bible study meetings,and whatever passages we were reading; having honestly forgotten them I won't try to list any, except Sirach, but what part I don't know. Either its straight from the bible with a line or something in the line sparked my interest and I ran with it while listening to the discussions. The following was written down in mid meeting on the computer:
Naked reconciliation you stole the apple of friendship forever cut off.
{Wisdom's scrutiny} in the absence of love.
Without common sense and poor advice, you've shot the dove.
Your chosen friends hesitate when they're dreams mean nothing when vicious talk betrays your secrets

So the next one being about the way to hell, or purgatory being broad and easy to navigate(ie well lit it says I think)
Damned yourself by backing away. You've slipped and fell. Blithely cavorting down the broad road. Now you've led yourself astray with immenent destruction. Come back they call to taunt you again whenever your alone.

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