Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Johnny Rumble:
Fat Bastard

I'm trying to stick to some sort of "diet plan."  No fast food, no sodas, less sweets, less fatty meals, more salads.  I've put on weight.  Too much of it in fact.  So much so that all three of my camo jackets are a touch too tight around the mid-section.  Granted, they always were snug, but I'm worried about blowing out the zipper on my Desert.

I feel like I've lost weight, my work pants are starting to fall around my ass, exposing my purple Fruit of the Loom to all the customers in the lobby when I duck under a hood.

I wonder how many other women have checked out my butt,

Johnny Rumble

1 comment:

  1. This reminds me of an article I once read called "How to be a 20 something", one of the points was "develop and eating disorder for budget reasons". Which I think of every time I spend $7 on my weekly groceries. A steady diet of rice & beans has helped me drop a pant size or two myself.

    Here's to dropping the "fat" part of "fat bastard"!