Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Johnny Rumble:
Work and The Bar

I've been keeping myself distanced from co-workers.  They all know each other really well, hang out, get drunk, whatever, but not me.  Arm's length.  Not to say I'm not willing to help them out of a situation, but none of the have my phone number.  Or, at least I haven't given it to them.  That really used to be a problem after I left High School.

I listen to them talk, about thier pasts and what they do now, how they grew up, the instruments they play, the bands they were in.  I'm not one of them.  About 90 degrees off of thier path actually.  I try not to get wrapped up in thier storys and have mine interwine on some sort of personal level because I know pretty much for a fact that it never leads to anything good in the work place.  I have a lawsuit to prove that one.

So I keep work at a distance, going to and fro, earning my weekly paycheck the best way I know how, by putting up AND shutting up.

Still packed in a box in the garage,

Johnny Rumble


  1. You have a true gift as a writer. But, I think you spell their - their - I's the i before e thing, that can throw you. Don't put pennies in your mouth, you don't know where they've been.

  2. I always have a problem spelling when I'm typing. Ask me to spell something vocally, i'll nail it everytime though.

    Of note on spelling...
    Shillelagh Law