Friday, March 04, 2011

Johnny Rumble:
Buying New (to you) Cars

The next time I anybody asks me what would be a good used or new car to get, I'm going to tell them this,
"With a James Bond accent say, "[Wife name] Darling, shall we take the [car name] tonight?"  Think about this.

For examples,
"Alicia darling, shall we take the Interceptor tonight?"
"Nikki darling, shall we take the Challenger tonight?"
"Tori darling, shall we take the Marauder tonight?"

What did happen to all the good names cars used to come with?  Interceptor, Zephyr, Galaxie.  Now it's all alphabet soup.  The MKX, SL500, TL.  None of these car evoke a sence of wonderment, of occasion, of legend.  They just plain don't sound good.

"Kathy darling, shall we take the S65 tonight?"

The woody that I was shaking in my hand thinking about an Interceptor just went away.  Alphanumerics simply arn't sexy.  Bring back real names, names and invoke something and say what the car is about.  And this is also why I'm recommending cars by thier name now, so that when people say what car they own...

"Hey Buck, what are you driving nowadays?"
"A Challenger."

...people stop and think for a moment.  It's not just a new Dodge.  It's a Challenger.  And that means something.


Johnny Rumble

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