Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Johnny Rumble:
What Was

I should have started doing this years before, and I'm only wishing I had the means to still do it, if only for the photo-a-day thing showing a transformation over a set period of time.  Videos of stills years in the making.

People always say that we'll look back on our lives and remember what we did and who we were and laugh till we cry about how stupid, dumb and thoughtless we were.  That's why I like home-movies.  It's a voyeuristic kind of thing, a time-travel machine, able to see in the past, to look at how stupid, dumb and thoughtless we were.

Able to look back and see the children that was growing the adult that is.

Most people have thier first christmas, first steps, first whatever on video.  Instead, I have this...

Because it really, really, really sucks! Hello my name is,

Johnny Rumble

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