Friday, March 18, 2011

Trav: Poems

Yo all what up? So poetry class is going well, got some output for you, here's the first batch, thoughts and opinions? The first is about my state of mind, I mean that I always seem to be paralyzed by fear, the fear of fucking up or that I'm not good enough somehow. The second was written when I'd heard my granddad had fallen outside for several hours and broke his ankle on the ice. thinking about how cold it must have been, well I don't know if I'd have not like frozen to death, or something worse.


I'm afraid of failing

to answer the question.

So I'll never move

Frozen in fear by my own reflection

These mistakes,

Hold me in place.

As the fog thickens

Across memories

Of what never was:

A faded map points

To the future

That's hidden away

A land far off, newly discovered

Plagued by doubt

And carrying the uncertainty

Of lies told in the mind's isolation

By a broken mirror.

We don't start for fear

Fear of losing our way

Trepidation grips

Grasping at minds amongst this cold

Shivering hands have lost the directions

Leaving us biting cold and frozen ground

Soundless the windchill cuts

And with malice it erases

Images from my head.

I'm left alone with my dreams

I wander amongst thoughts,

Imagining impossibilities.


A calm before the storm.

Long talks over ales:

Free flowing opinions

The state of the union

The Recycled Air

Of the apathetic generation


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