Friday, June 24, 2011

Johnny Rumble:

We've all done it, and those that say they haven't are just lying through their god-damned teeth.

The rightclickopeninnewtab/window deathtrap of blue hyperlinkedness that is Wikipedia.  That is, unless you run a Mac. 

Fuck Macintosh.  But that's another story.

Don't get me wrong, I really, really like Wikipedia.  It's a very useful tool for me.  I can find nearly everything on Wikipedia now, from information about a particular music album to universal events on any given day, from 6000 years ago to eleventy-billion years in the future.  It is, i must adimt, rather sad that in just five years of really using Wikipedia, I believe that I have learned more relevent information for the here-and-now of my life than in the previous eighteen years of school and university.  I've learned about Lagrangian points and determined that it would pretty cool to have the mathmatical diagram tattooed into my skin, the Century series of American fighters, the original magazine-format of Top Gear, along with numerous other factoids about cars, astronomy, history, people, places and times.

I don't know if this is just the rapid advance of technology that has allowed my brain to become filled to the point of non-retainance, or just plain old information overload that we as the next-generation have been subjected to and have overcome with our own versions of the somewhat problem (a la Facebook, SMS messaging, and always-connecttedness.  Minty Andee got away from it all with a great degree of self-described success.).

I'm still unsure if I like this "problem."  Somedays I'm a complete Menonite with everything I own, and other days I just can't get away from the keyboard on either my computer or my phone.  I'm wondering if I need a country re-education with a Mud Swamper C10, tinny radio playing KXXY and a pyramid of cans on the tailgate.

Sounds fuckin' dandy,

Johnny Rumble

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  1. I always felt the difference between learning about things on Wikipedia vs. learning things in school is you actually want to be learning.

    That being said, often when giving out my phone number I let people know I don't get texts. This confuses them and they often ask me why, to which I respond (at a volume that increases with my blood alcohol level) "I WILL ACCEPT TECHNOLOGY ON MY OWN TERMS AND NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND."

    I try to make sure I'm using the machines in my life and not the other way around.