Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Johnny Rumble:

Traveling back to California in November.  Not happy about it, not angry about it, not sad about it, kinda... beige.  Just beige about the whole thing.  It'll be nice to see the wife's family again.  With all thier lunacy and very flexible rigidity and "Oh honey, you must be starving, here, eat this huge slice of grilled ham, onions, bell peppers, hash browns, gravy and biscuts and...".  Any weight I might have lost in the coming few months of DIETting (Dead If Eatting Trash, as in, she will kill me if I eat a donut.) will be put back on with the home cooking and white people soul food.

I've been sustaining myself with make-at-home Gatorade, grilled cheese sandwiches and Tomato and Red Bellpepper soup.  This mechanic's job in an open shop, in the dead of feckin' summer, is murder.  I nearly passed out today from heat exhaustion.  Or it could have been the "Chicken Bacon Ranch Tacos" the wife made.  I was hungry for two.  Should only eat one.  But the job is paying the bills quite nicely, and it's funding the trip back to the land of the living dead.  So, eh, beige.

The thoughts of cas keep creeping, around and around.  A Chevy Trailblazer chassis, four wheel drive, with a Model A pickup body on it.  Rusty, chopped, ratted, with all the reliablilty to get to work or whereever at the turn of a key.  Plus, if it can pull it off, a four-by-four lowered rat with big chunky off road tyres would be just plain sweet looking.  And the most unique car in the parking lot, anywhere.  Hard parking.

It's a rambler, this was known, but the need to get thoughts out trancended the need to have "real" posting with "real" thoughts, fleshed out in the usual Johnny style, which is constantly evolving and devolving and paradigm-shifting and getting lost in the woods.

Wishing cars still came with tape-decks, mixtapes sounding good,

Johnny Rumble

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