Sunday, October 30, 2011

Johnny Rumble: A Relative Unstable Stability

I'm as unstable as I'll ever be this year RIGHT NOW.  Sitting at the computer, drinking Lemon Youku herbal tea, tikking and typing on a wireless keyboard, listening to Hong Kong rap pop something or other and Crass in simul-cast from the left and right speakers on either side of glowing moniter.  SAMSUNG.

I'm leaving on a Jet Plane.  I'm gonna wear my purple sunglasses and pretend I'm the Queen of England.  Or Elton John... kind of the same thing really.

Particles of dust are floating around me, I can see them like I can see the bubbles in my eyeballs.  There, but mythical, mystical.

I'm sticker-bombing The Saturn, and you can't fucking stop me.


Johnny Rumble

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Johnny Rumble:

I don't write like a used too.  I could almost say that I don't write at all.  Most of what I write anymore is little 'x's, VIN numbers, Licence Plates and whatever sorry excuse i can make up on the spot for why your car's camber is three degrees out of wack and can't be fixed.  I fall back on "It's a solid axle and needs shims.  We don't do that here." a lot.  That's because Toyota is still making solid beams.  So Toyota goes, so goes the rest of auto manu-fracture.

I'm still amazed at how good the FD RX-7 looks to this day.  Gave me a little chub in the biting cold morning air today.

My employer is finally forcing me to at least learn how to manuover a manual transmissioned car around the parking lot and into the bays.  I've only stalled out two so far.  A shit-box Ford Ranger and a BMW 330i.  The Beamer was on a wet day, and I didn't get enough speed to get up the alignment rack.  Stupid me.

Thoughts in my head arn't really complex questions anymore, not like they used to be.  I don't think I'm getting any dumber, just less... provoking.  I don't care about what's moral or amoral, politics, philosophy, or any of that bullshit that colleges try to teach thier students.  Not anymore.  I'm a working stiff, blue collar, boot wearing Skinhead, who just needs to bonus out everyweek to feed the family and pay the bills.  Knowing who Kant or Hume or Descartes is does not play into turning a wrench.

I believe is why I don't bother with the practice of writing much anymore.  It dosen't fill the need to survive.

Johnny Rumble