Friday, February 03, 2012

Johnny Rumble:

As I write this, there is a brace on my right wrist.  It actually took me about 45 seconds longer to write that sentence than it should have.

Its February of 2012, and I haven't written anything of substance in quite a long time.  I think my writing days are pretty much over.  I don't have that muse, that inspirational spark to sit at my computer and touch type something out.  It could be:

1)  The computer is now in the other wing of the fucking house, a wing that I don't go often except to answer the front door.

2)  My general lack of a really interesting life.  I don't have the wierdos, the freaks, the others to look at and observe anymore.  "College is, like, fucking over man... get a real job."

It could be months or even years before I decide to pick up the proverbial quill again, and when I do, it probably will be behind the screen of a laptop instead of this clunky outdated piece of "wonderful desktop machinery."  It's over, and I knew this a long time ago.

So, I guess until next time, when the pillow flips over and the cool side gets exposed again,

Johnny Rumble

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  1. How will I creep on my cousin now? You'll have to give me an address to which I can send letters. I will miss your misanthropic observances of life and cars though.