Friday, June 22, 2012


Well I might actually try to go back to this.  Full time job for Walgreens is still going, and I feel I'm finally getting a handle on it(thanks to having managers who try to help, and take me seriously). No one is really there for that long, so what I have been able to pick up so far is kinda haphazard.  Been going out with the Girl Friend for almost five months now and I think it's going well. I mean learning to talk about stuff instead of just filing it away. I mean having to put words to a whole diagram that exits in my head still makes little sense on the whole but I have been told I appear more confident and happy.  Been told I need to have a life though, but hey we all knew that right? Right? Yeah still gaming and reading. Got into some kick ass grand strategy games.  Running a country from 1399? Yeah woot!

On a serious note, budgeting sucks and I need to stick with the cash system, else I spend money instead of saving it.  but I'm trying to save money and maybe get another job eventually so I can move out the parents basement (nice place but chilly).


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